Read better PDFs

Enhance your PDF reading experience using our MacOS app powered by unique set of features.

  • Automatically generate table of contents for PDF files
  • Intelligently detect and adjust document margins
  • Read actively by highlighting or adding text on the margins
  • Navigate effortlessly using bookmark shortcuts

All the essentials of PDF reading in one affordable box. Minimalism, reliability and privacy are our guiding principles.

AI Features

Use computer vision to enhance your PDF files.

Automatically generate table of contents

Analyze structure of your files and build the table of contents automatically for easier navigation between chapters and sections.

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Intelligently edit page margins

Automatically detect the current page margins and adjust them for your needs: add space for annotations or reduce the margins for better focus on text.

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AI on Device

Privacy matters. All your files stay with you on your device. PDF Owl will run all machine learning functions directly on your device and will not upload anything to the cloud, maximizing your privacy.

Got a file without the table of contents included?
Scrolling and navigating is not easy, especially in a large file.
It is among the reasons why so many people still prefer paper.

Use PDF Owl computer vision to analyze the structure of your file and build the table of contents automatically for easier navigation.

Plus All Essentials

Read and annotate your PDF files on MacOS.

Highlight and annotate

Active reading is the best way to engage with the text. Highlight text in various colors or add your text annotations on the margins*.

(*) text annotations available only on MacOS 13 Ventura or later.

Advanced text search

Use text search to jump to the place that you are looking for. The search options include matching whole word, searching a regular expression for advanced users, and searching on specific pages.

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Use bookmarks with shortcuts

Remember the convenience of a physical book with your fingertips keeping the opening of the page that you need? Use the keyboard shortcuts to jump to the bookmarks in a blink of an eye and back.

Read PDF files

Just as it says. Minimalism and reliability are our guiding principles.

Clould Friendly

Read and edit your files across devices and in your other favourite apps. Synchronize in the cloud while keeping the reading position untouched.

Navigate using the outline

Edit and use the existing or generated table of contents for easy navigation between chapters and section.


Start for free.

Use for free as long as you want for reading and annotating
with limited table of contents generation.


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Advanced search

Limited table of contents generation

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Monthly subscription
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Unlimited table of contents generation

Pay a small monthly fee.


Unlimited table of contents generation

Pay once, get lifetime updates.


Check our frequently asked questions.

How does this app generate the table of contents?

PDF Owl app will examine the image of each page of your PDF file and use computer vision methods to detect headings on the pages. Then, it will OCR the headings and automatically construct a table of contents for your file (also known as ToC or outline).

How fast can it generate the table of contents?

It takes about 1 second per page to analyze the content and build the outline on a computer with an Apple M1 chip. Hence, plan to take a 5-minute break while processing a 300-page book. Note that you can also make a processing queue of multiple files.

What are the system requirements?

PDF Owl requires MacOS 12.4 or higher, and works on Apple Silicon (M1, M2, M3), as well as Apple computers with Intel-based chips (x86).

Can it generate a hierarchical table of contents?

No, at the moment it will not distinguish between chapter and its sub-sections and will generate them in a flat structure. But after generation, you can arrange it better by dragging and dropping sections and make it a tree.

What languages are supported for outline generation?

PDF Owl interface is currently in English only, but we support files in other languages as well. Although the accuracy may be lower than in English, it is still quite good. Try it and see if it works for your files in other languages. Currently supported languages are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional).

Can I see the generated table of contents in other PDF reading apps?

Yes. It uses the standard outline that is supported by most PDF viewer apps.

Can PDF Owl keep open files between restarts?

Yes, PDF Owl is made to seamlessly re-open previous session. But the function depends on the settings of your MacOS. If you have set to reopen the windows after restart, then PDF Owl will reopen the files as well.
You can control this in the System Preferences → General → Close windows when quitting an app – make sure to toggle this setting off.

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